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About Fisheries

About Fisheries Branch

The Government policy on fisheries is to conserve the fisheries resources in local waters and promote the sustainable development of the fisheries industry, with a view to maintaining a steady supply of fresh fish to local consumers.

The department provides infrastructural support services to promote sustainable development of the fishery and aquaculture industry. The work involves : -

  • the provision of fisheries development, extension and management activities including loans, technical studies, surveys, assistance and advice, and vocational training to fishermen for improving the productivity of the fishery sector;

  • the enforcement of legislation to ensure a better regulated / managed fishery industry;

  • the provision of technical and administrative support to the operation of the Fish Marketing Organisation; and

  • the planning and implementation of projects for the conservation of fisheries resources, including the Artificial Reefs Programme, fish fry restocking trial and education work.


 Hong Kong Fisheries Profile


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