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Monitoring and Management of Red Tide in Hong Kong

Monitoring and Management of Red Tide in Hong Kong

Red tide/HAB and their effects on water quality are important elements affecting the productivity of Hong Kong's mariculture operations. AFCD continues to monitor and manage red tide/HAB in Hong Kong.

AFCD is acting as the coordinator of the Red Tide Reporting Network, to receive reports of red tide, conduct investigation and provide warning to marine fish farmers of the risk associated and appropriate measures to reduce loss.

Since 1999, the government further enhanced the management of red tide/HAB by establishing the Red Tide/HAB management framework and implementing various action plans.



The objectives of this management framework are to provide coordination of monitoring and response to red tides/HABs and fish kills and to compile and synthesize data necessary to effectively manage fisheries resources, protect human health and the marine ecosystems.

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