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About Inspection and Quarantine

About Inspection and Quarantine

The department enforces relevant legislation and provides technical services to safeguard the welfare of animals and control the diseases in animals and plants. The work involves:

  • the investigation and control of outbreaks of animal diseases;

  • the inspection of livestock farms;

  • the management of the risk of antimicrobial resistance in local food animal farms;

  • the provision of veterinary diagnostic support and surveillance services for detecting diseases in animals, and drug residues in food animals;

  • the regulation of the importation of animals/plants and their products;

  • the certification of the exportation of animals/plants and their products;

  • the control and regulation of the registration and sale of pesticides;

  • the monitoring and regulation of the trade of animals; and

  • the promotion of animal welfare and the management of stray animals.

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