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Collection of Animals at Hong Kong International Airport


Collecting your pets in cargo terminal of airport

Bring with you the original of Special Permit, Airway Bill number, personal identification documents and any other relevant documents to the corresponding Cargo Terminal (HACTL or AAT or CPSL) and contact the Customer Service Counter of Airline or its Ground Handling Agent.

How to go to HKIA?


Disclose airway bill number and your identity to airline/ground handling agent staff. Collect documents from the airline (e.g. Air Waybill, Shipment Release Form, original copies of health documents, etc.)


Go to the Cargo Collection Counter inside Cargo Terminal and present the "Shipment Release Form" to the Supervisor of the relevant cargo handling agent for retrieval of your pet consignment.


Cargo Terminal staff will deliver your pets to AFCD cargo office from the Livestock Room. You can approach AFCD cargo office and wait for your pets.

Addresses and contact details of AFCD Cargo Offices in the airport: -

AFCD Cargo Office at HACTL

Rm C107, 1/F, Main Terminal, Super Terminal 1 (HACTL),
9 Chun Wan Road,
Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong
(click to download location map)
Tel: (852) 2116 0175
Fax: (852) 2116 0176

AFCD Cargo Office at AAT

Room 113, 1/F, Terminal 2, Asia Airfreight Terminal,
10, Chun Ping Road,
Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong
(click to download location map)
Tel: (852) 2116 0185
Fax: (852) 2116 0187

AFCD Cargo Office at CPSL

AFCD Cargo Office at CPSL,
RMB320, 3/F, Core SE, Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal, No. 3 Chun Wan Road,
Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong
(click to download location map)
Tel: (852) 2795 2313
Fax: (852) 2795 2807                                                                                                 




AFCD duty officer will conduct livestock clearance procedures i.e. documentary check and health check for your pets


If all import permit terms are fully complied with and all documents are in order, your pets will be released to you (Dogs and Cats come from Group III countries or the permit term imposed on Special Permit required to do so still have to be quarantined in Animal Management Centre of this department!). If not, the pets will be transferred to the Airport Animal Hostel (PDF file) or Animal Management Centre for quarantine as appropriate. All fees and charges will be borne by the permittee.

 ATTENTION: From 15th November 2010 onwards, if the holder of a special permit / import permit for live animal importation wishes to authorize another person (an agent) to conduct the clearance procedures of imported live animals on his/her behalf, the agent must provide the following documents to the Department. This Department will not release the imported animal(s) if the agent failed to provide the required documentation.

  1. The authorized person must have attained 18 years of age and has to produce his/her valid proof of identity and copy of identity document of the holder of the special permit / import permit; >
  2. The authorized person must submit the original copy of the special permit / import permit; and
  3. A duly completed, “Authorization for Exercising of Special Permit / Permit in Clearance of Imported Animal(s) – Form No. PC111 ”.  (PDF File)

Should you have enquiry, please contact the Duty Officer of Import & Export Section:


Airport Office Tel.: (852) 2182 1001



Border Office Tel.: (852) 2673 4443