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Collection of Animals at Hong Kong International Airport


Ensure a Special Permit has been obtained from this department in advance.

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Read the terms attached to the Special Permit carefully and ensure the terms are strictly complied with. Terms are stated on the attachment issued with Special Permit to you (permittee).

Make a booking/reservation with the Airline concerned and ship your pet as Manifested Cargo. (Transport as excess baggage or hand-carried baggage is not permitted.) A copy (photocopy) of Special Permit should be provided to the airline for acceptance of your booking/reservation. Air Waybill number (e.g. 160-9999 9999) will be available once your booking/reservation is confirmed.

There are three air cargo terminal operators (CTO) providing air cargo services in the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), namely, the Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd. (HACTL) and the Asia Airfreight Terminal Co. Ltd. (AAT), and Cathay Pacific Services Ltd. (CPSL). You can consult the airline on which CTO will handle your consignment. (Airlines contacts : HACTL or AATCL or CPSL)

                              cathay pacific cargo terminal
Make use of our Prior Document Checking Service.
Notify us of the arrival details of your pet consignment 2 days prior to arrival.
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