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Collection of Animals at Hong Kong International Airport

Prior Document Checking Service

This FREE service is provided for verifying the compliance of the prepared health documents for importing pets BEFORE they are shipped.

You are only required to follow the 5 simple steps below and it will put your mind at ease and calm your anxieties about shipping your pets to Hong Kong.

Step 1 : Do read the TERMS stipulated in the Special Permit granted to you.
Step 2 :

Prepare all the required documents in accordance with the permit terms.

    [For details, please refer to the relevant terms on the attachment of the Special Permit.]
    Please note that dogs and cats must be implanted with microchips before arrival for identification purpose and the microchip numbers have to be shown on the health certificates. (What is microchip?)
Step 3 : Contact us via our hotline for advice in case of doubt while preparing your documents.
Step 4 : To ensure that your pets can be exempted from quarantine/detention on arrival (but dogs and cats come from Group III countries/places or the permit term imposed on Special Permit required to do so will still be quarantined!), please make use of our free checking service and send the prepared documents to us either by fax or email prior to shipment.
Step 5 :

Do follow up and give us a call for confirmation on the validity of your prepared documents. Without our confirmation, it may render your pets liable to stay for quarantine on arrival. When making a reservation with the Airlines, please submit to them a copy of the permit for reference.

Application for Special Permit :
Tel : (852) 1823
E-mail: icsenquiry@afcd.gov.hk

Prior Document Checking Service :
Tel : (852) 2182 1002 (09:00 to 17:30 from Mon – Fri, except Public Holiday)

Fax : (852) 2769 8600

E-mail: sfoa@afcd.gov.hk





The permittee named in the special permit shall ensure that all terms of the special permit are strictly complied with. Failure to do so shall render the animal(s)/ bird(s) liable to be rejected to the country/place of export or quarantine for a period determined by the Senior Veterinary Officer at the cost and risk of the permittee, and permittee may be prosecuted.

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