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Import of Horses and Equine Animals

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The horse racing industry is of great importance to Hong Kong. In order to prevent the introduction of equine diseases, import of horses and other equine animals to Hong Kong is subject to stringent control.

Upon arrival the horses are required to undergo post-arrival quarantine under approved veterinary supervision. Currently such quarantine facilities are only available at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Besides, the applicant needs to confirm that suitable stabling facilities and veterinary care are available, which is considered one of the pre-requisites for the issuing of Special Permit by this Department.

All permit terms (Acrobat PDF file) and veterinary health protocol established between Hong Kong and the Veterinary Authority of the country/place of export for horse imported must be fully complied with.


Horses and equine animals shall not be brought into Hong Kong (either import or transshipment) unless a Special Permit to do so is obtained in advance from this Department.


The Public Health (Animals and Birds) Ordinance Cap. 139 and the Rabies Ordinance Cap. 421 are enforced by this Department through regulating the import of animals and birds for the prevention and introduction of animal disease including rabies into Hong Kong  .


The applicant should submit the application in a prescribed form ( Special Permit (For Importation/Transit/Transhipment of Horses) - Form No. AF240-EQ (198KB)  e-FormiAM Smart ).

Downloading of the forms for viewing and printing can be done through the use of the Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader software which is available free at the Adobe Systems Incorporated website.

Facsimile copies are available from the interactive telephone: (852) 2708 8885. The form can also be obtained by dialing (852) 1823.

Applicants have to show their Hong Kong Identity Card or passport when submitting the application. For postal application, applicants have to submit the application form, cheque together with a photocopy of Hong Kong Identity Card or passport. Please note that the submitted documents will not be returned.


Fee must be paid at the time of the application. Fee for the first animal are HK$743 and HK$106 for every additional animal. Crossed local cheque or e-payment is acceptable for local application. For details regarding the e-payment, please contact our officer at Tel: 2150 7065. For overseas application, the fee should be paid by a bank draft in Hong Kong currency payable to "The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region". The bankdraft must be drawn upon a licenced bank in Hong Kong.


Either in person or by post to:

Permit & Certification Section (Counter No. 10), 5th Floor, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Office hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 noon, 1:30 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.
(Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.)

Applicant can also apply for the Special Permit through the Trade Single Window. More information can be viewed at www.tradesinglewindow.hk.


3 working days, subject to provision of all required information (i.e. it takes 5 working days from the date of receipt of application and permit fee to the date of issue).

Please apply in advance and make allowances for mailing time.


By ordinary mail (local) or air mail (overseas) to the address as indicated in the application form. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope together with the application (No stamp is required). To avoid postal delay, the applicant may choose to pick up the permit at the licensing office by himself or by his appointed agent. The permit will not be dispatched by fax.


To minimise inconvenience and to expedite urgent applications, overseas applicants may nominate a person or agent in Hong Kong to apply for the permit on their behalf.


Valid for 6 months and for one consignment only. Animals must be imported on or before the expiry date of the permit. If extension is required, application and fee must be submitted before the permit expired. The permit will only be extended for 30 days in every application, and it takes 3 working days for the extension process from the date of receipt of application and fee.


Special Permits are required for transshipment of horses and other equine animals (involving change of aircraft or mode of transport in Hong Kong).

If the horses remain in the same aircraft or vessel, a Special Permit is not required. However, importers must comply with the requirements imposed by the country/place of destination. If in doubt, please contact your transportation company or airline.


  • Waivers will only be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Application for waivers must be submitted by the competent government authority of the exporting country using the Equine Import Waiver Application Form (PDF format). Completed forms should be emailed to fopc2@afcd.gov.hk
  • Two sets of carbonised permits will be sent to the applicant. Please retain the top (white) copy for the retrieval of animals on arrival. The carrying airline and shipping company may require the shipper to produce the second copy before accepting the carriage of animals in the exporting country/place.
  • Any import preparation of the animal done prior to the approval of the Special Permit will be at the importer's own commercial risk and expense. 


Tel : (852) - 1823
Email : icsenquiry@afcd.gov.hk

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