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Issue of New Marine Fish Culture Licences

The Government has been promoting the development of local mariculture. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (“AFCD”) has been implementing various measures proposed by the Committee on Sustainable Fisheries. With a view to promoting the sustainable development of the industry, and to better utilizing the mariculture potential of existing fish culture zones (“FCZs”), AFCD is accepting applications for new licence at three existing FCZs (i.e. Cheung Sha Wan, O Pui Tong, Sham Wan FCZs) with mariculture potential.

Application for new licence is now open. The deadline for application is 2 March 2020.

Please refer to the information below for application.

[Download Acrobat Read to open PDF document]

An applicant has to complete the above application form and send it together with the required supporting documents by post (Guidance on posting), in person or via an authorized person to:

Fisheries Enforcement and Special Projects Division
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
8/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices,
303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon

Or through email: fish_lic_enf@afcd.gov.hk

On the other hand, existing licensees of Yung Shue Au, Ma Nam Wat and Wong Wan FCZs may apply to AFCD for additional licence area to expand their culture operation. Interested licensees from the FCZs concerned may approach Fisheries Enforcement and Special Projects Division for details.

For enquiries: Fisheries Enforcement and Special Projects Division, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Telephone︰2150 7109          Fax︰2314 2866           E-mail︰fish_lic_enf@afcd.gov.hk




NEW "Accredited Fish Farm Scheme" Guideline


The "Accredited Fish Farm Scheme" aims to improve the management and production level of aquaculture farms by promoting good aquaculture methods, production process standards and pre-sales testing, and to provide aquatic product certification services to participating farms. From time to time, the Department updates the contents of the Scheme to meet the requirements of the certification. The new version of the handbook also contains additional requirements for crab farming and certification under the "Accredited Fish Farm Scheme". Click here to download the new version of the manual(only in Chinese).




Latest Fishermen Training Courses

Please refer to the Chinese version for detailed information:






Accredited Fish Farm Scheme

An interactive exhibition corner featuring local "Accredited Fish Farm Scheme" (AFFS) is newly on display in the Fisheries Hall of Lions Nature Education Centre (LNEC), Sai Kung. For details, please visit www.hknature.net/lnec. In addition, AFFS exhibition panels have been put up recently at Aberdeen Fisheries Education Centre. All schools, organization or individual groups are welcome and advance booking is required. For details, please visit www.hk-fish.net.




Good Aquaculture Practice





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