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Reward Scheme

seized ivory

Members of the public are encouraged to provide information on illegal import, export and possession of endangered species to this department.

A Reward Scheme has been set up. Registered Informer who provides reliable information leading to successful seizure of endangered species or conviction will be rewarded with cash. Please call our Intelligence Unit for registration. (Tel: 2150 6978)

If you have any information regarding illegal import, export or possession of scheduled animals and plants, please report to us directly by:

  • Report hotline: 2150 6978 ( Unanswered calls will be diverted to the recording system )
  • Fax: 2736 1501
  • E-mail address: espint@afcd.gov.hk
  • Information Envelope, which is available at our headquarters, District Offices and public libraries. You can also click here to download (PDF format) the envelope.

All the information reported will be kept in strict confidence.

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