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Sea turtles recorded in Hong Kong

Other species recorded in Hong Kong

The other species of sea turtles, namely Loggerhead, Leatherback, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley have been recorded in Hong Kong waters through casual observation or stranded individuals. They are probably passing the waters of Hong Kong in the course of their migration to their nesting or foraging sites.



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The name is derived from the large head of the adults. The well-developed jaws enable them to crush the shells of seashells and crabs - their favourite food items.




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Having a maximal carapace length of over 2 m and a weight of 1 ton, Leatherback is the largest species of sea turtle. They have a unique appearance as their carapace and head are covered with skin instead of bony plates. They are good divers and manage to dive down to 1,000m deep to feed on the jelly fish. They are deep blue or black in colour and are scattered with white or creamy speckles.




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Hawksbills get the common name from their protruded upper jaws which look like a birds' beak. Because of their hard and beautiful shells, they were often killed for their shells. Hawksbills prefer sponges which may contain toxic or obnoxious chemicals and grassy materials. Therefore, their body may also accumulate toxic or obnoxious chemicals which give them some levels of protection from predation or hunting by man.


Olive Ridley


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The adults of Olive Ridley attain a smaller size than other species. They have more rounded carapaces. It is believed that Olive Ridley is the most abundant type of sea turtles in the world.

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