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Ting Kok Coastal Conservation Plan (Ting Kok +)


In view of the rich marine resources and scenic value of Ting Kok and Shuen Wan Hoi as well as Tolo Harbour and Tolo Channel, the Government initiated a Ting Kok Coastal Conservation Plan (Ting Kok +) in 2012.  
Ting Kok + serves 3 major functions:


To enhance the ecological conservation work at the Ting Kok Site of Special Scientific Interests and Ting Kok East;


To raise public awareness about the value of coastal ecology; and


To review the education value of the area and how it can be appropriately used by the public, students and researchers.


AFCD organise a series of Ting Kok + activities for students, teachers and the public.

Through this webpage, we hope to keep the public updated and involved. You are most welcome to send us your views or comments on issues related to Ting Kok + via email at mar_con_biodiv@afcd.gov.hk




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