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Marine Conservation School Seminars

Online application for “Marine Biodiversity and Conservation of Hong Kong” / “Hong Kong Reef Fish” / “Hong Kong Coral” Seminar

To enhance student’s understanding on marine biodiversity, marine conservation, reef fish and coral in Hong Kong, seminar will be organized by AFCD from October 2022 to June 2023. A one-hour seminar will be given at school to introduce the marine environment, important species and marine conservation in Hong Kong. Through the seminar, we hope the message of protecting marine environment and resources can be delivered to the young generation.

On-line application for the seminars is available at the following website where the topic, date and time of the seminar can be selected.

Online application form for "Marine Biodiversity and Conservation of Hong Kong" / “Hong Kong Reef Fish” / "Hong Kong Coral" Seminar*

The system will automatically generate a confirmation e-mail, please contact us if you do not receive it. Successful applications will be contacted one week prior the seminar.
For further enquiry, please contact us at 3468 5465.

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