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Management Agreement and Public-Private Partnership – Pilot Scheme

Management Agreement (MA)

Under the New Nature Conservation Policy (NNCP) announced in 2004, funding support for the management agreement (MA) scheme would be granted through the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) to enable non-governmental organisations to enter into management agreements with landowners for enhancing the conservation of the twelve Priority Sites for Enhanced Conservation.

In June 2011, the ECF Committee supported the extension of the MA scheme to cover country park enclaves as well as private land within country parks in order to further enhance their conservation.

In July 2018, the Countryside Conservation Office was established under the Environmental Protection Department to co-ordinate conservation projects and promote sustainable development of remote countryside. The Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme (CCFS) was also established to provide financial support to non-profit making organisations and villagers for organising diverse and innovative conservation activities or projects based on an interactive and co-operative approach, including the MA scheme under the NNCP.

There are currently seven MA projects being carried out at Fung Yuen, Long Valley and Ho Sheung Heung, Ramsar Site and Deep Bay Wetland outside Ramsar Site, Sai Wan, Lai Chi Wo and Sha Lo Tung, which cover over 38 hectares of land and 600 hectares of fishponds.

Since 2005, MA projects have been implemented at Fung Yuen and Long Valley and Ho Sheung Heung, which resulted in substantial increases in the diversity of butterflies and birds within the areas. In 2012, MA projects were launched in Ramsar Site and Deep Bay Wetland outside Ramsar Site to restore and enhance the conservation value of commercial fishponds. These projects not only resulted in direct benefits on birds, they have also enhanced the public’s knowledge and awareness of nature conservation through participating in a series of educational activities.

Since 2017, two MA projects have commenced at country park enclaves at Sai Wan and Lai Chi Wo, to rehabilitate these areas and enhance their ecological value through collaborations with the local rural communities.

In 2018, another new MA project was launched at Sha Lo Tung to protect its existing habitats and preserve its natural landscape through restoration and active management.

The scheme will be publicised on the CCFS website regularly at fixed times every year for open invitation for MA proposals.


Public-Private Partnership (PPP) - Pilot Scheme

Under the PPP Pilot Scheme, we received a total of six applications, which involve land located at Sha Lo Tung, Tai Ho, Mui Tsz Lam & Mau Ping, Wu Kau Tang, Yung Shue O and Tin Fook Wai. Subsequently, the proponent of the Tin Fook Wai project withdrew its application.

In assessing the PPP proposals, due consideration had been given to the net benefits of the proposals in enhancing conservation of the site, possible adverse environmental impacts arising from the proposed developments, the sustainability of the proposals and the long-term commitment of the proponent, etc. In April 2008, the Government consulted the Advisory Council on the Environment and supported the Sha Lo Tung project from the conservation angle.

Management Agreement and PPP Pilot Scheme - Fung Yuen, Long Valley and Sha Lo Tung, and Sha Lo Tung


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