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Policy Objectives

The policy objectives are
  • to identify and monitor the important components of biological diversity;

  • to identify, designate and manage a representative system of protected areas for the conservation of biological diversity;

  • to promote the protection of ecosystems and important habitats, and the maintenance of viable populations of species in natural surroundings;

  • to identify, monitor and assess activities that may have adverse impacts on biological diversity and to mitigate such impacts;

  • to rehabilitate degraded ecosystems and promote the recovery of threatened species where practicable;

  • to promote the protection and sustainable use of natural resources that are important for the conservation of biological diversity;

  • to provide opportunities for people to appreciate the natural environment;

  • to promote public awareness of nature conservation;

  • to collaborate with, the private sector, including the business community, non-governmental organizations and the academia, to promote nature conservation, and to conduct research and surveys as well as to manage ecologically important sites for such purpose; and

  • to co-operate with and participate in regional and international efforts in nature conservation.

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