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To implement CM10-03 under the CAMLR Convention, the Port Inspection and Control Regulation (Cap. 635B) has been made to empowering the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation (DAFC) to inspect fishing vessels carrying toothfish or Antarctic marine organisms (AMOs) and deny the entry into Hong Kong waters of any vessels involved in illegal, unreported and unregulated (“IUU”) fishing activities. Major features of the Regulation include:

(a) Pre-arrival notification of fishing vessel carrying AMO

The master, the owner or an agent of the owner of the fishing vessel carrying toothfish or other AMOs seeking to enter Hong Kong waters is required to give a notification to DAFC at least 48 hours before the intended entry. The notification must include all the required information and a written declaration that the vessel has not engaged in IUU fishing; and

(b) Vessel Inspection

Fishing vessels carrying toothfish or other AMOs entering Hong Kong may be inspected by authorized officers to check whether harvesting activities in the Convention Area were carried out in accordance with CMs;

(c) Deny Entry of Fishing Vessels into Hong Kong Waters if:

(i) it is on the list(s) of IUU vessels published by the Commission;

(ii) there is a failure to provide the pre-arrival notification or declaration mentioned in (a) above; or

(iii) the information provided to the Director in (b) shows that the vessel has been involved in IUU fishing.


Note: The Director’s power to deny entry of a vessel does not affect any other power to deny entry of the vessel into Hong Kong waters under any other Ordinance. A vessel master or owner is advised to check and comply with the requirements of other relevant Ordinances in Hong Kong before entering Hong Kong waters.


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