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Technical support and financial assistance

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Technical support

Assistance on fish culture techniques and related management problems encountered by farmers are provided upon request. Detailed investigations are carried out and technical advice on appropriate measures to overcome or minimize the problem are provided to fish farmers.







Fish disease has been a difficult problem encountered by fish farmers. In Hong Kong , fish disease outbreaks are mainly caused by pathogenic bacteria or parasitic protozoa as well as problems related to water quality and husbandry practice of the fish farms. To help address this problem, we have implemented the Fish Health Inspection Programme under which regular visits are conducted to fish farms to facilitate early detection of disease outbreaks and to advise fish farmers on good husbandry techniques and disease prevention measures. We also provide assistance in disease diagnosis and advice on appropriate treatment measures upon request.





Farm visit
Farm visit


Cryptocaryon irritans and Dactylogyrus on fish gill
Dactylogyrus on fish gill


Initiatives are also taken to introduce and promote improved culture techniques and good management practices to fish farmers through farm visits on a regular basis, technical seminars and on-farm demonstrations. Information on fish farming management and environmental hygiene is also disseminated through advisory leaflets and guidelines.

Series of Good Aquaculture Practice

Series 1 - Fish Feed Management  (PDF Format)

Series 2 - Mariculture Management  (PDF Format)

Series 3 - Pond Culture Management  (PDF Format)

Series 4 - Fish Disease Prevention  (PDF Format)

Series 5 - Fry Health Management  (PDF Format)


Leaflet on mosquito control in fish ponds (Chinese Version only)

Antimicrobial Application and Antimicrobial Resistance (Chinese version only)

Leaflet on cold weather (Chinese version only)

Voluntary Registration Scheme (VRS) Guidance Notes for local pond fish farms (Chinese version only)

Voluntary Registration Scheme (VRS) Application Form for local pond fish farms (Chinese version only) e-Form iAM Smart


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Financial assistance

The Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Loan Fund and The Fisheries Development Loan Fund provide low interest loan to aquaculture farmers. Moreover, when fish farmers are seriously affected by natural disasters e.g. flooding, typhoon etc., this department will make arrangement for issue of the primary producer grant from the Emergency Relief Fund to the affected small scale fish farmers to help them rehabilitate their operations.

The Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund has been set up to fund projects that would facilitate the sustainable development of the fisheries industry, including the aquaculture.


  Telephone No.
Techniques & management / Pond fish culture 2471 9174
Techniques & management / Marine fish culture 2150 7083
Emergency relief / Pond fish culture 2471 9174
Emergency relief / Marine fish culture 2150 7108
Loan 2150 7095
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