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Fisheries Protection Ordinance

Destructive fishing practices such as the use of explosive, toxic substances, electricity, dredging, suction and trawling devices for the purpose of fishing are detrimental to fisheries and the marine ecosystem and are prohibited under the Fisheries Protection Ordinance (Cap 171). Joint effort with the Police Force is made to enforce the regulations under the Ordinance. Offenders will be prosecuted and subject to a maximum fine of $200,000 and 6 months' imprisonment upon conviction.


Fish bombing not only kills the target fish but also destroys nearby small fish and even planktons, thus, destroys the related food chains and cycles of the marine ecosystem. It would take years for the environment and fisheries resources to rehabilitate and, in turn, cause severe impacts to the livelihood of fishermen. In addition, the use and storage of explosives are highly dangerous to the users and other human lives nearby.

Fish poisoning, with the use of toxic substances such as rotenone and cyanide, again not only poisons the neurosystem of the target fish for the ease of catching, but the similar dosage would kill nearby small fish and other marine lives such as corals.

The use of electricity for the purpose of fishing also destroys nearby small fish and planktons. Fishing with the use of dredging or suction devices seriously affects the seabed, thus causes damages to the fisheries resources.

What you should do if you...

  • found the above-named illegal fishing activities. Please call AFCD at 2150 7108 or 1823 for immediate action.

  • found fish bodies or other substances suspected to be related to illegal fishing practices. Please call 2150 7108 for investigation.

* Stop destructive fishing practices pamphlet (Chinese version only)

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  Telephone No.
Fisheries Protection Ordinance 2150 7108
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