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In 2020, the fishing industry of Hong Kong produced an estimated 116 000 tonnes of fisheries produce valued at about $2.7 billion, contributing to the steady supply of marine fish to local consumers. The industry consists of some 5 040 fishing vessels and about 10 150 local fishermen. The majority of the local fishing vessels are operated by family members with the assistance of hired Mainland deckhands. The fishing industry also provides employment in ancillary sectors such as fish wholesale and retail marketing, fuel and fishing gear supply and ice manufacturing.

Fishing activities in the waters of Hong Kong are mainly conducted by sampans using multiple fishing gears as well as other smaller non-trawler vessels (such as gill netters, long liners, purse seiners, etc.). On the other hand, trawlers and other larger non-trawlers are generally operating in the adjacent waters of the South China Sea.

The Government has implemented in recent years a series of fisheries management measures for conservation of marine resources and promotion of sustainable development of the fishing industry. In addition to the prohibition of destructive fishing practices including the use of explosive, toxic substances, electricity, dredging and suctioning devices, a statutory ban on trawling in Hong Kong waters was implemented on 31 December 2012. Besides, other management measures have also been implemented, such as the setting up of a registration system for local fishing vessels, limiting the entry of new fishing vessels and maintaining an appropriate level of fishing effort, restricting fishing with non-fishing vessels and prohibiting fishing with non-local fishing vessels.

To collect updated information on fishing operations and fisheries production in Hong Kong waters, a comprehensive Port Survey was conducted by AFCD from 2016 to 2017. The survey provides useful information for the formulation and implementation of effective fisheries management strategies.


Port Survey 2016/17


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