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Personal or Household Effects

Under the Ordinance, a specimen shall be treated as part of the “personal or household effects” of a person if the specimen is:

  • personally owned or possessed for non-commercial purposes only; and
  • worn or carried by the person, included in his personal baggage or forms part of a household move when the specimen is being imported, exported or re-exported.

Exemption from licensing requirement is provided for personal or household effects if they meet certain criteria.

Import, Export or Re-export of Personal or Household Effects

The import, export or re-export of a specimen as part of the personal or household effects, which was legally acquired, shall be exempt from licensing requirements, except:

  • giant panda and rhino
  • live animals

The exemption might not apply to certain specimens which were acquired by a person outside his usual place of residence (please refer to Exemption for Tourist Souvenir Items)

Possession of Personal or Household Effects

Exemption is provided for possession of a specimen as part of the personal or household effects, but for live animals or plants kept for personal use, proof of legal acquisition is required.  No exemption is provided for possession of giant panda and rhino for personal use.

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