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Wild Monkeys of Hong Kong

Ecology & Habits

The total population of wild monkeys in Hong Kong is about 2,000, they were distributed in 30 social troops.  The existing species are the Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta), the Long-tailed Macaque (M. fascicularis) and their hybrids. They are mainly found in Kam Shan, Lion Rock, and Shing Mun Country Parks.
Wild monkeys are adapted to different types of habitats, such as forest, grasslands, and even in urbanized areas. Although wild monkeys are good climbers and swimmers, they spend most of their time on the ground. They feed mainly on plant materials like leaves, fruits, flowers, shoots and barks, but occasionally feed on insects.

Feeding of Wild Monkeys Lead to Problems

Over the years, due to heavy human feeding, the population of wild monkeys in Hong Kong has increased dramatically. Through frequent contact with humans, some wild monkeys have become fearless to human. Since people who feed wild monkeys usually carry food in plastic bags, the monkeys have learned to snatch plastic bags from visitors in an attempt to obtain food.  


Rhesus Macaque

Long-tailed Macaque