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Wild Pig Nuisance


Adult wild pig
Wild Pig or Eurasian Wild Pig (Sus scrofa) is the largest native terrestrial mammal in Hong Kong: the adults weigh up to 200 kg and reach a body length up to 2 m. They have thick and short bristly coats of brownish grey to black colour. Young wild pigs are born with a coat of chocolate and cream coloured stripes along their torso. This pattern fades within the first six months to one year. Adult males have tusks for fighting.
Wild pigs are common and widespread in Hong Kong, especially in the countryside areas in the New Territories. They are widely distributed in habitats like forests, grasslands and farm areas, etc. Being omnivorous, they use their nose to sniff out food including roots, bulbs, and small animals (e.g. insects or earthworms) living underground.
In general, wild pigs are secretive and wary of human contact. However, if provoked or threatened they may become aggressive and may attack humans, particularly dominant males or sows with piglets.

Wild Pig Nuisance

Some wild pigs intrude into villages and urban areas in search of food, causing disturbance and damage of crops and personal properties. In order to reduce the nuisance caused by wild pigs, preventive measures are recommended as follows:
  • Do not feed any wild or stray animals, as food remains will attract wild pigs to stray into your area.
  • Manage outdoor rubbish bins properly or use animal-proof rubbish bins to reduce any possible food sources for wild pigs.
  • Erect sturdy fences to protect crops or use infrared auto-trigger lightings to deter wild pigs. 

What should I do if I see a wild pig?

  • If you see wild pigs in the wild, you should keep calm, stay away and leave them undisturbed.
  • Do not approach any wild pigs, including piglets.
  • If necessary, you may hide behind a big tree or boulder and wait until the wild pigs leave before you proceed.
  • You must not drive them away with any object as it is dangerous to provoke the wild pig.

When a wild pig is posing immediate threats to life and property, you should report to the police by calling 999 for emergency assistance. 

Contact Us

If you are disturbed by wild pigs or find any wild pig injured or trapped, or straying in urban areas, you may call 1823 to notify AFCD for follow-up actions.
Please click the icon to download leaflet of "Hong Kong Wildlife: Wild Pig" 
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