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Nuisance Caused by Monkeys





Nuisance Caused by Monkeys

In the past, some visitors enjoyed feeding monkeys in Kam Shan Country Parks, some even worried that the monkeys were starving in the wild.  Over the years, due to heavy human feeding, the population of monkeys in Hong Kong has increased dramatically.  Through frequent contact with humans, some monkeys have become fearless to human. Since people who feed monkeys usually carry food in plastic bags, the monkeys have learned to snatch plastic bags from visitors for food.  Their occasional aggressive behaviors have caused nuisance toward visitors. Some monkeys would even stray into nearby residential areas in search of abandoned food or snatching food from the residents, spreading monkey nuisance problems from Country Parks to its surrounding settlement.  
Human feeding
Monkeys raiding garbage

Preventive Measures

Step-open bin
Monkeys would be attracted by improperly disposed food near residential areas and facilities, and come to search for food refuse in these areas.  In order to minimize nuisance, the following measures could be taken: 
  • Do not feed any wild or stray animals. The feeding would attract the monkeys to scavenge at the residential areas regularly;
  • Manage outdoor waste properly or use monkey proof rubbish bins with secure closing lids; 
  • If fruit trees are planted near residential areas, harvest ripened fruits as soon as possible in order to avoid attracting the monkeys to forage in the area.

Public Education

Information on safety precautions and techniques to avoid monkey nuisance are disseminated to visitors through large notice boards at main entrances of the concerned country parks by AFCD.  A pamphlet with information on monkeys has been dispatched to the public at the country parks. Large banners are erected at the gathering places to remind visitors not to feed the monkeys, as monkey feeders will offend the law and lead to monkey nuisance.  In addition, AFCD has arranged seminars and on-site demonstrations on the preventive measures and the monkey handling techniques in the affected housing estates.

What to Do When You See a Monkey?

Generally, monkeys would not harass you if you do not offer food to them. Please remain calm when there are monkeys nearby and take the following advice: 
  1. Do not feed the monkeys. Nature can meet their needs;
  2. Avoid carrying plastic bags. Hide all plastic bags away in a backpack;
  3. Do not eat when there are monkeys around;
  4. Do not stare at the monkeys as staring would provoke them;
  5. Do not throw any food or objects at the monkeys;
  6. Do not approach the monkeys, especially the babies. Stay at some distance from them;
  7. Do not make any loud noise. Noise would make the monkeys nervous.
  8. If you come into contact with any wild animals (include monkeys) or their excreta, please wash your hand thoroughly by soap and water immediately. 
When a monkey is posing immediate threats to life and property, you should report to the police by calling 999 for emergency assistance.

Don’t Feed Monkeys

Feeding of monkeys and other wild animals will not only affect their natural behavior and disturb the ecosystem but also cause environmental hygiene and nuisance problems.
For more details, please visit http://nofeeding.afcd.gov.hk

Contact Us

If you are disturbed by monkeys, you may call 1823 to notify AFCD for follow-up actions.
Please click the icons to download monkey-related leaflet and poster: 



"Hong Kong Wildlife: Monkey"

"Do Not Feed Wild Monkeys"



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