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Controlled-Environment Greenhouse Newsletters


April 2002


Growing Tomato (PDF)


August 2002


Growing Sweet Pepper (PDF)


December 2002


Growing Cucumber (PDF)


April 2003


Growing Lily Cut Flower (PDF)


August 2003


Controlled-Environment Greenhouses in Hong Kong (PDF)


December 2003


Growing White Bitter Cucumber (PDF)


April 2004


Growing Organic Strawberry (PDF)


August 2004


Growing Coral Mushroom (PDF)


December 2004


The Use of C-E Greenhouse in Hong Kong (2) (PDF)


April 2005


Growing Rock Melon (PDF)


August 2005


Growing Organic Lingzhi (PDF)


December 2005


Application of Greenhouses (PDF)


April 2006


Growing Organic Edible Chrysanthemum (PDF)


August 2006


Organic Cultivation of Chaxingu (PDF)


December 2006


Production of Seedlings in Greenhouses (PDF)


April 2007


Organic Cultivation of White Button Mushrooms (PDF)


August 2007


Growing Rock Melon (2) (PDF)


December 2007


New Options For Livestock Farmers In Conversion (PDF)


April 2008


Cultivating Organic Black-head Straw Mushrooms (PDF)


August 2008


Growing Little Sweet Melons (PDF)


December 2008


Growing Lily Cut Flower (2) (PDF)


June 2009


New Options for Livestock Farmers (2) (PDF)


December 2009


Cultivating White Button Mushrooms in the Controlled Environment (PDF)


June 2010


Multi-storey Plantation (PDF)


December 2010


Livestock Farmers in Conversion (3) (PDF)


June 2011


Multi-coloured Sweet Pepper (PDF)


December 2011


Multi-layered Cultivation of Potatoes (PDF)


June 2012


Hydroponics (PDF)


December 2012


Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in Controlled-environment Greenhouses (PDF)


June 2013


CE Hydroponic Research and Development Centre (PDF)


December 2013


CE Hydroponic Research and Development Centre (2) (PDF)


June 2014


Hydroponics (2) (PDF)


December 2014


Cultivation of Button Mushroom (PDF)


June 2015


Hydroponics (3) (PDF)


December 2015


Cultivation of Agaricus (PDF)


June 2016


Cultivation of King Oyster Mushroom and Shiitake Mushroom (PDF)


December 2016


Multi-layered Cultivation of Choi Sum (PDF)


June 2017


Cultivation of Iceplant (PDF)


December 2017


Cultivation of Fig (PDF)


June 2018


Cultivation of Dragon Fruit (PDF)


December 2018


CE Hydroponic Research and Development Centre (3) (PDF)


June 2019


Cultivation of Cloud Ear Fungus and Black Poplar Mushroom (PDF)


December 2019


Smart Controlling System (PDF)


June 2020


Bumble Bee Pollination (PDF)


December 2020


Basket Cultivation (PDF)


June 2021


Greenhouse Maintenance and Automation (PDF)


December 2021


Multi-coloured Cherry Tomatoes (PDF)









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