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How to Apply for a Licence

Applications for licences to import, introduce from the sea, export, re-export or possess endangered species listed in Schedule 1 to the Ordinance should be made in a specified application form, supported by documents such as CITES Export Permit, Licence to Import/  Posses and invoice, to this Department. Normally, 2 working days are required for processing an application for licences (5 working days in the case of import of live animals). Applicants have to pay a prescribed fee for the licence.

Re-export Certificate is issued on application for specimens that are either non-CITES or not yet controlled under Cap. 586 to facilitate customs clearance of consignment of these specimens on arrival at the importing country. The application procedures for a Re-export Certificate are the same as those for a licence issued under Cap. 586.

Licence Sample

Guidelines for Licence Application

A series of guidelines (advisory leaflets) explaining the regulations and their requirements in details can be downloaded here or requested from this Department.


  • The issue of a licence/certificate is by no means automatic. Import or export of shipments or taking possession of specimens of species should only be arranged after the relevant licences have been issued.
  • All import or export shipments must be inspected by an authorized officer upon landing or prior to export or re-export.
  • Licensees must fully comply with the terms and conditions stated on the licences.
  • The issue of CITES licences under the Protection of Endangered Species of Animals and Plants Ordinance does not in any way exempt the licensee from the provisions of other legislations.
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