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Special Arrangements for the Importation of Retired Racing Greyhounds from MACAU



Dogs and cats should not be brought into Hong Kong (either import or transshipment / transit) unless a Special Permit to do so is obtained in advance from this Department.



Public Health (Animals and Birds) Ordinance Cap. 139 of the laws of Hong Kong, and the Rabies Ordinance Cap. 421 of the laws of Hong Kong are enforced by this Department through regulating the import of animals and birds for preventing the introduction of animal diseases including rabies into Hong Kong.  


For Importation of Dogs / Cats into Hong Kong

FIND OUT which country / place group the animal is coming from:


GROUP I COUNTRIES / PLACES (7 countries / places):

Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand and United Kingdom

Dogs and cats imported direct from Group I countries / places are normally exempted from quarantine subject to full compliance with the permit conditions.


GROUP II COUNTRIES / PLACES (38 countries / places):

Austria Bahamas Bahrain Belgium Bermuda
Brunei Canada Cayman Island Cyprus Denmark
Finland France Germany Gibraltar Guam
Iceland Italy Jamaica Luxembourg Maldives
Malta Mauritius Norway New Caledonia Papua New Guinea
Portugal Seychelles Singapore Solomon Islands South Africa
Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands Taiwan

USA (Continental)


Virgin Islands 


Dogs and cats imported from the Group II countries / places may be exempted from quarantine subject to full compliance with the permit conditions. There is a possibility that the rabies status or other factors may change in these countries / places. The above list is subject to ongoing review.



Countries / places not covered by Group I and Group II.

Dogs and cats imported from Group III countries / places are subject to a minimum of 4-month quarantine period at the Animal Management Centre of this Department (Introduction to Animal Management Quarantine Centre) (PDF format) at the expense of the applicant. Due to fluctuation in the demand for Government Animal Management Centre quarantine facility and to avoid delay in your plan to import your dogs / cats, we recommend you to book the quarantine facility at least 3 months in advance.

Downloading of the forms for viewing and printing can be done through the use of the Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader software which is available free at the Adobe Systems Incorporated website.


For Transshipment of Dogs / Cats via Hong Kong

I. Except the Mainland

Special Permit must be obtained in advance for animal transshipment (involving change of aircraft or mode of transport in Hong Kong). If the animals remain in the same aircraft or vessel, and do not involve the removal from such aircraft or vessel, no Permit is required. However, importers must fully comply with the requirements imposed by the country / place of destination.


II. From the Mainland

Import Permit must be obtained in advance for animal transshipment and importers must fully comply with the requirements imposed by the country / place of destination.




I. SUBMIT the application document:


  1. Fill in the prescribed form (Form No. AF240 or Form No. AF301 for animals transhipped from the Mainland)(PDF format). Facsimile copies are available from the interactive telephone (852) 2708 8885. The form can also be obtained by dialing (852) 1823.
  2. HKID / Passport (photocopy if submitted by post).
  3. If the animals are imported for trading purposes, Animal Trader Licence must be obtained in advance. For details, please visit http://www.pets.gov.hk


  1. Ring to AFCD office (852) 2150 7065 to check the availability period of quarantine facility. Reservation of Quarantine facility can be arranged only after the submitted documents are in order.
  2. Submit the following documents by fax (852) 2375 3563, email (icsenquiry@afcd.gov.hk) or in person:

    a. Fill in the prescribed application form (Form No. AF240 or Form No. AF301 for animals from the Mainland)(PDF format). Facsimile copies are available from the interactive telephone (852) 2708 8885. The form can also be obtained by dialing (852) 1823.
    b. HKID / Passport (photocopy if submitted by post).
    c. Vaccination certificate / card showing the date of birth of animals, microchip number of animals and the vaccination record of the following vaccines fulfilling the requirement of full vaccination (Form No. G122 - Guideline for full vaccination of dogs and cats under quarantine in Hong Kong)(PDF format):
         Dog - canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis and canine parvovirus.
         Cat - feline panleucopaenia (infectious enteritis) and feline respiratory disease complex
                  (cat flu).
    d. Fill in the Quarantine Facility Booking form (Form No. PC100)(PDF format).
  3. You may like to confirm whether this Department has received the submitted document by dialing (852) 2150 7065.
  4. You will be contacted to confirm the reservation period of quarantine facility and pay the fee after the submitted documents are confirmed in order.


II. PAY the Permit Fee

Fee must be paid at the time of the application (unless otherwise stated). The fee for one animal is HK$432 and HK$102 for every additional animal of the same shipment.

In person: Cash or crossed cheque payable to "The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" is to be paid at the time when an application is submitted.
By post: Crossed local cheque is acceptable for local application. Cash should not be sent by post.
For overseas application: Payment shall be by bank draft in HONG KONG CURRENCY payable to "The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" drawn from a bank in Hong Kong. An overseas applicant may nominate a person or an agent in Hong Kong to apply for permits on his / her behalf.

No permit fee is required for animals imported from the Mainland.


III. WHERE to Apply

Either in person or by post to:

Permit & Certification Section (Counter No. 10), Import & Export Division, 5th Floor, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Office hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 noon, 1:30 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. (Close on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.)


IV. Processing TIME

At least 3 working days, subject to provision of all required information (i.e. it takes 5 working days from the date of receipt of application and permit fee to the date of issue).


Please apply well in advance and make allowances for mailing time, and meet the health requirements such as vaccinations and/or blood tests.



V. DISPATCH of Permit

By ordinary mail (local) or air mail (overseas) to the address as indicated in the application form. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope together with the application (No stamp is required). To avoid postal delay, the applicant may choose to pick up the permit at the licensing office in person or by an appointed agent. The permit will not be dispatched by fax or email.


VI.  VALIDITY of Permit

Valid for 6 months and for one consignment only. Animals must be imported on or before the expiry date of the permit. If extension is required, application and fee must be submitted before the permit expired. The permit will only be extended for 30 days in every application, and it takes 3 working days for the extension process from the date of receipt of application and fee.


VII.  Notes for DOGS import

Fighting dogs listed in Schedule 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Regulation, Cap. 167, sub Leg. D, of the type known as the Pit Bull Terrier (also known as the American Staffordshire Terrier), the Japanese Tosa, the Dogo Argentino and the Fila Braziliero and any dog of their crossbreeds are prohibited to be imported. In the case of Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a statutory declaration must be submitted with the application.


VIII.  Notes for CATS import

Bengal cats must not be imported unless documentation certifying that the cat is of 5th or above 5th generation. Please contact us to find out what documents you are required to submit during application. 



Please read the permit terms carefully to ensure the full compliance before importation of animals. Failure to comply with the Permit Terms may render the animals to be returned to the country / place of export or quarantined for a period determined by the Senior Veterinary Officer at the cost and risk of the permittee / agent. The permittee / agent may be prosecuted.

Country Group


iv) the Mainland Transhippment
Related Permit
Attachment No.: DC-01v03 Attachment No.: DC-02v03 Attachment No.: DC-03v03 Attachment No.: DC-05v03

Attachment No.: DC-10v03 (Except from Mainland China)

or DC-11v03 (From Mainland China only)

Table 1 (Form No. G102a Table 2 (Form No. G102b) Table 3 (Form No. G102c) Table 3 (Form No. G102c Table 4 (Form No. G102d
Forms of Animal
Health Certificate
Form No.: VC-DC1 Form No.: VC-DC2 Form No.: VC-DC3 Form No.: VC-DC3 Please comply with
the requirements of the country / place of destination
Airline Certificate 
(Captain's Affidavit)
Form No.: PC101  Form No.: PC101  Not applicable Not applicable  Not applicable 
Quarantine period  Normally exempted Normally exempted Minimum 4 months  Minimum 4 months Normally exempted 
facilities booking 
Not applicable  Not applicable  Form No.: PC100  Form No.: PC100 Not applicable 



Two sets of carbonised Special Permits will be sent to the applicant. Please retain the original (white) copy for the retrieval of pets on arrival. The carrying airline and shipping company may require the shipper to produce the duplicate (yellow) copy before accepting the carriage of pets in the exporting country  /place.

  • DO NOT arrange for the transportation of your pets unless a Special Permit/Import Permit has been obtained from this Department.

  • Pets which have left Hong Kong are subject to the importation and quarantine restrictions as outlined above on their return to Hong Kong. Special Permits / Import Permits to bring back pets which have left Hong Kong need to be obtained from this Department in advance.

  • If deemed necessary (for instance, animals of doubtful history; animals showing clinical signs of diseases), the quarantine period for dogs and cats from all countries / places (Group I, II and III) may be extended. Dogs and cats without proper documentation may be required to undertake a minimum of 4-month quarantine at the owner's expense or returned to the country / place of origin.

  • Location of AFCD office at the Hong Kong International Airport.





    A Disability Assistance Dog (DAD) is defined as a dog that has been trained to help people with physical disabilities to gain more personal independence. DADs are non-aggressive, highly obedient and hard-working. Their health conditions are regularly and closely monitored by veterinary surgeons and they would have a good history of vaccination against the major infectious diseases.

    Therefore, this Department has introduced a new policy for the importation of DADs. This policy exempts DADs from quarantine and the requirement of 6-month residency in the exporting country/place on the basis of one blood test for Rabies antibody, which should be performed at least 6 months prior to entry to Hong Kong. Such policy is applicable to DADs imported from all countries/places.

    To apply for the Special Permit, the applicant should submit to this Department the permit fee as well as the following documents:

    1. Completed Application Form – Form No. AF240 (PDF format)
    2. Completed Declaration Form – Form No. PC102 (PDF format)
    3. DAD Certification –  issued by the organization recognized by the official body to certify that the animal is a qualified DAD
    4. Rabies Antibody Test Report
    5. Completed Supplementary Certificate – Form No. PC103 or PC 104 (PDF format)
    6. Vaccination Record(s)

    The overseas certification requirements for importation of DADs are summarized in Table 5 (Form No. G102e) (PDF format) and stipulated in the permit terms Attachment No.: DC-13v01 (PDF format).

    To facilitate correct certification it is strongly recommended to use our form (Form No. VC-dad) (PDF format) for preparing the Animal Health Certificate. For detailed information on the Rabies antibody test, please refer to the notes for rabies antibody test (Form No. G113) (PDF format).

    Approval must be obtained in advance from this Department before travelling the DADs in-cabin. Please contact us for granting the approval before the shipment.



    Rescue dogs assist in locating victims of disasters. Prompt delivery of rescue dogs to the scene of a disaster improves the chance of success. AFCD has simplified the procedures for importation / transshipment of rescue dogs, which are closely monitored by qualified veterinarians.

    When rescue dogs are employed in a rescue mission in Hong Kong, a Special Permit is required for importation and it is free of charge. No quarantine is required provided that the qualification of the rescue dogs is certified by a competent authority and the dogs are accompanied by health certificates including current vaccination against rabies and major infectious canine diseases.

    A Special Permit is not required if rescue dogs remain in the same aircraft or vessel during the whole transshipment period in Hong Kong. However, a Special Permit is required if rescue dogs are transshipped from one aircraft or vessel to another in Hong Kong and the Special Permit fee will be waived. If rescue dogs need to stay in Hong Kong for more than 24 hours during the transshipment, they have to stay in AFCD’s Airport Animal Hostel. The accommodation fee, however, will be waived.




    Tel : (852) - 1823
    Email : icsenquiry@afcd.gov.hk







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